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CEIA is the world's leading manufacturer of Security Metal Detectors. Leading the industry in technology, CEIA have developed the most advanced detectors of all time.

With 30 years of activities, 14 generations of Security Metal Detectors, and over 30 National and International patents relating to their design and construction, CEIA manufactures the most stringent Security Levels of metal detectors while maintain a high transit flow rate.

CEIA Products

Compact Metal Detector

The CEIA CMD is a very high performance, high-sensitivity Compact Metal Detector designed to detect metal and minimum-metal content targets in conductive and non-conductive soils, including laterite and magnetite.


  • Effective detection of all metal and minimum-metal content targets
  • Balanced, Lightweight design
  • One Piece Retractable design
  • Small packaging size
  • Accurate pin-pointing of the target’s position indicated by:
    • acoustic modulation • maskable led display
  • High discrimination capability for adjacent targets
  • Automatic Compensation for mineralized and high natural metal content soil
  • Integrated battery charger
  • Long-Lasting battery life
  • Extremely high level of electrical and mechanical reliability
  • Operation monitored by a microcomputer-controlled autodiagnostic system
  • Completely digital electronics, with in-field program memory upgrade capability
  • Ease of operation with minimum training time required
  • Minimum set-up time

Shoe Analyzer Metal Detector

The CEIA SAMD® Shoe Analyzer is designed to overcome the inconvenience currently experienced in examining passengers’ shoes and to respond to the following requirements: -

  • Automatic Detection of Weapons hidden in the shoes, in compliance with the Security Level specified by the Regulatory Authority, and simultaneous discrimination of the metal components of the shoes.
  • Discrimination Enhancement of the primary EMD.
  • Increase in Passenger Flow Rate.
  • Great Reduction of the cost of staff currently employed in examining the shoes with X-Ray units.
  • Greater comfort for passengers, with the virtual elimination of the
    inconvenience caused by taking off/putting on their shoes and the related waste of time.

Hand Held Metal Detector

The PD140 Hand Held Metal Detector is a device designed to detect metal masses carried by people or objects. It can be used for detecting weapons, detonators or other small pieces of metal carried by people or in objects, baggage, correspondence and fabric.

The special shape of the sensitive surface makes operation of the device easy, unlike portable Metal Detectors with ring transducers.

CEIA Metal Detectors feature selectable security levels, excellent immunity to environmental interference and an extremely high degree of discrimination towards personal effects in order to speed up access control operations.

CEIA can boast, as a reference, the fact that it has been selected by private companies and Civil Aviation Authorities all over the world to provide protection for their most strategic and delicate points of access. In high-sensitivity applications CEIA is able to detect small metallic objects, such as a razor blade, while still providing optimal immunity to environmental interference.

With factories in Italy and USA, CEIA has installed more than 65,000 Metal Detectors in the world.

Much effort has been put into R&D to develop Metal Detectors with the following features in mind:

  • High Level of Detection Uniformity
  • Very High Discrimination
  • Highly Visible Double Display provides Single or Multiple Location of Weapons in Transit
  • Fast Programming through a Chip Card System
  • High Immunity to External Interferences
  • Local or Remote Programming with Networking Capabilities
  • Available in Panel or Column version

CEIA’s vast experience in the field has created numerous models among which the appropriate Metal Detector for every type of requirement can be found. Column and Panel type Walk-thru Metal Detectors are available.

Do contact us for the most suitable model for your application.

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