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Betafence is a world market leader of integrated perimeter security systems and fencing solutions. They protect critical infrastructure & sensitive sites in the public and industrial sectors as well as in the residential market. Over the years, Betafence has evolved from a fence manufacturer to a specialist in perimeter security, focusing on turn-key total solutions and fencing systems that contribute to a safer society.


Post and Rail Crash Certified Barrier System (For perimeter fencing application)


Certified technology - Fully certified systems, according to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to fit your required level of security.

Cost effective - Specifically designed for its arresting capabilities and maximum security whilst also offering ease of installation and a cost effective solution for the protection of high value assets.

Stopping power - The system will arrest up to a 6800 kg vehicle travelling at 80 Km/h within 1 m of the fence line. No other current system is capable of producing this amount of stopping power.

Rapid replacement - In the event of an attack the simple design makes for unmatched, quick and cost effective replacement to minimize vulnerable exposure of the site.

Solar LED (Option) - Solar powered LED lights mounted onto terminal and crash line posts make the barrier visible at night.