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Leading developers and manufacturers of Security and Access control systems for over 15 years. We deliver “turn-key” solutions and maintenance for large institutions and armed forces around the world. Every product is designed with care and is tested by security experts to ensure its capabilities and specifications. We offer a wide variety of products that are meant to prevent an intrusion of vehicles into secured compounds.

ElgoTeam Products
Bollard BLG 02

The BULLDOG bollard 02

  • pneumatically operated
  • Electric Motor or Hydro-Electric Motor
  • 6.8ton/30kph barrier.
  • Finish is available in Zinc,Paint,or Stainless Steel.


  • All weather operation
  • No maintenance needed
  • Modern look and feel
  • 2.5 seconds operation

SPK 01 – Barrier Buried Spike

The SPK 01 is a Buried type Spike System.

The system can hold up to 5 units, 90 cm each.

It is pneumatically operated and can be used either on a daily basis or as an emergency situation barrier.


  • 2 Way Directional Spike System
  • Spikes can be locked in place
  • Pneumatic air system
  • Emergency operation