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Todd Research Limited was formed in January 1950 and has since this time evolved into a business focused purely on the development and supply of a range of X-ray, Metal Detection and Blast Suppression Equipment for single-letter to cargo applications.

With both private and public sector customers in over 80 countries Todd Research is able to call upon a combination of expert market knowledge and excellent product reputation in order to deliver a complete security solution for a wide cross-section of organisations.

Todd Research Products

TR Detector 15

The compact TR15 not only allows you to easily separate the everyday items from the suspicious ones – which may include improvised explosive devices (IED’s), razor blades or even hoaxes – optional EPD (Enhanced Powder Detection) means you can be sure you will be safe from biochemical attack e.g. anthrax, as well as being able to intercept drug movements. For companies with a limited budget, this unit can screen up to a postal sack. EPD (Enhanced Powder Detection) available on the Basix 30+. This product is CE Certificated.


TR Detector 10 

Potentially nobody is now safe from the modern day threats from extremists and anarchists. Improvised and anti social devices have all been sent to even the most unlikely addresses.

The TR10 now provides the solution with its small footprint and overall size allowing it to sit on or under a desk. Employing 21st century technology, to ensure image quality is not traded for size, the 75kg unit makes mail safety achievable to everyone.

Where space is at a premium and smaller amounts of post need scanning, this desktop unit is ideal.  The unit will accept items up to 370xx x 300mm. It also offers EPD (Enhanced Powder Detection) and 16 x zoom.

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