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Emerald™ – Intelligent Access Terminal

With its sleek design and state of the art LCD touch screen, emerald™ offers card reader and controller functionality, fully integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) intercom and a range of remote server based applications, all in one single, powerful terminal.

Designed for use with the CEM AC2000 security management system, emerald™ not only controls access to restricted areas but also opens up a world of infinite possibilities by bringing CEM AC2000 intelligence directly to the edge.

emerald™ is available for use on the CEM AC2000 security management system and is available in three versions

TS100 – Intelligent access terminal
TS200 – Intelligent access terminal with integrated VoIP intercom
TS300 – Intelligent access terminal with integrated VoIP intercom & Remote Applications

emerald™ has a bright 4.3” graphical LCD touch screen to display predefined messages and icons to cardholders depending on access privileges. For example ‘Expiring Card’ and ‘Lost/Stolen Card’. Its built in mini PIR sensor provides energy saving motion detection and a multi coloured LED provides users a visual indication of access status. With hardened glass and an anti-glare coating, the TS300 is durable enough for indoor and outdoor use.

A powerful IP reader and controller in one, the emerald terminal features an on-board 10/100Mbps Ethernet connection and communicates directly with the AC2000 host server.

Utilising a built-in microphone and speaker, emerald provides fully integrated audio intercom functionality at the door, enabling communication between the terminal and a dedicated CEM Intercom workstation. (TS200/TS300 versions only)

One of the unique features of emerald is the ability to run Remote Applications that are hosted on the AC2000 central server. (TS300 version only). Available to users with specific access privileges, these Remote Applications display critical statistics and important information for system maintenance, such as top system alarms and most recent alarms, directly at the door. Additional applications include ‘First and Last swipes’ for time and attendance purposes, ‘Your Card Details’ and ‘Scheduled Visitors’.


   Industry’s most multifunctional access terminal

   User-friendly 4.3” capacitive LCD touch screen

   Innovative touch screen reader

   Intuitive GUI enhancing user experience at the door

   Ethernet card reader & controller in one

   PIR motion detection

   Voice over IP (VoIP) Intercom functionality

   Support for a range of smart card technologies

   Ability to run ‘Remote Applications’ from AC2000 central server directly at the door

   Scramble keypad option for Prsonal Identification Number (PIN)

   Offline database for 250,000 cardholder records

   Multiple door modes

   Power over Ethernet technology

   Easy to install