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Recognition Platforms


AnyVision is the world’s leading developer of facial, body and object recognition platforms, along with anomaly detection and gaze estimation. An advanced tactical surveillance system, powered by a cutting-edge, deep neural network that offers a wide range of capabilities, including face recognition and object identification. The system is cloud-based, providing real-time and post-even analytics. It includes a set of advanced, automated tools that provide both immediate detection of events and video events analysis, turning each one into valuable data.
Our solutions are built to function on any sensor, in any resolution and are proven to operate in real-time and real-world scenarios. Our mission is to reshape the future of AI and create a safer & better tomorrow.

Anomaly Detection

A tactical surveillance solution, utilizing advanced deep-learning algorithms to quickly alert on irregular incidents such as crowd formation, vehicle stopping on shoulders, change of vehicle speed and more.

Privacy Regulations

We ensure that the data processed is in the form of an irreversible mathematical expression. We have also delveoped unique features, designed to assist the data controllers to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Privacy mode: Captures and presents only faces of pre-defined individuals
  • Face-Blur mode: Automatically obscures all non-involved faces in the field of view

Wide Industry Applications

Homeland Security & Policing | Transportation | Smart Cities | Sports & Entertainment | Airport | Facilities Protection | Retail

Multiple Applications

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