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Trace/Explosives Detection


CEIA is the world’s leading manufacturer of Security Metal Detectors. Leading the industry in technology, CEIA have developed the most advanced detectors of all time.

With 30 years of activities, 14 generations of Security Metal Detectors, and over 30 National and International patents relating to their design and construction, CEIA manufactures the most stringent Security Levels of metal detectors while maintain a high transit flow rate.

CEIA Products

Liquid Explosive Detector 

The EMA is a compact device designed for the analysis of liquid containers and their contents with the goal of detecting the possible presence of explosive precursors and explosive liquids. When the operator places the bottle in the inspection cavity, its presence is automatically detected and the analysis is performed in ~ 5 seconds.

  • Certified according to ECAC performance requirements for Type B and Type A (Optional) Liquid Explosive Detection Systems (LEDS)
  • Accurate automatic inspection of sealed and unsealed LAGs (Liquids, Aerosols and Gels) in ~ 5 sec. (Type B) and ~ 4 sec. (Type A)
  • Compact size and ergonomic design
  • Certified to screen liquids in clear, colored and opaque plastic and glass, metal and metallized containers
  • Very low combined Nuisance Alarm Rate: < 0.4%
  • No-ionizing source or part in movements
  • No maintenance required


Letter Bomb and IED Detector for mail & parcel inspection 

  • Automatic inspection of parcels and letters up to 45 cm in width and 7.5 cm thickness
  • Detection of detonators, batteries, trigger circuits and other metal components of parcel bombs
  • No alarm on metal staples, paper-clips and metal binding spirals
  • Confirmation of signal (OK/ALARM) for each package inspected
  • Ergonomic, compact design
  • Operates on the mains power supply and with built-in NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Integrated battery charger
  • No calibration or periodic maintenance required
  • Optional embedded detector of radioactive materials


Combined Shoe Metal Detector (SMD) and Shoe Explosive Detector (SED)

SAMDEX allows passengers shoes to be analyzed with no need to remove them according to the 2019/103 EU Regulation on Aviation Security. SAMDEX automatically detects, in a few seconds, the presence of explosives and metallic and non-metallic threats such as fi rearms and knives. Guided use is provided through proper graphic animations.

  • Certified against relevant detection standards for explosive and metallic threats
  • Bulk detection, based on actual material properties measurement
  • Increased checkpoint throughput by elimination of shoe divestiture and X-ray check
  • Increased comfort: passengers keep their shoes on
  • Ergonomics: simple and stress-free use
  • Analysis time: 4 sec. typical/shoe
  • Clear “OK/ALARM” inspection result