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Viken Detection

VIKEN X-Ray Imager 

Viken Detection develops first-ever handheld x-ray imager that enables customs and border patrol agents and other inspectors to quickly find concealed threats and contraband in motor vehicles, ships, aircraft, steel drums, trash receptacles, mailboxes and other locations. It allows law-enforcement officers, private security personnel and others to quickly inspect abandoned bags and packages for threats without opening them.

The device has completed extensive field testing and verification in several inspection/security environments within Customs, Military and Law Enforcement organizations in U.S. Immigration customs are one of the highest security facilities of a country, unquestionably will require extensive security controls in place.

HBI-120 Handheld X-Ray Imager 

HBI-120 is a handheld X-ray device weighs no more than 3.7kg and includes a fully integrated touch screen display to view the scanned object in real time. As the handheld HBI-120 is moved over the object, a 2- dimensional backscatter x-ray image of the object is displayed in real-time on HBI-120’s high-resolution transflective LCD touchscreen and saved in the instrument’s memory.

The device can be operated using either single or double trigger actuation permitting searches in confined areas such as vehicle interiors; and it does not require calibration, to operate as per specification. The device meets ANSI/HPS N43.3 2008 specifications and conforms to ANSI, ICRP, NCRP and Euratom radiation safety standards.

With the new HBI-120 backscatter x-ray imager you can scan small or large objects and see what’s inside immediately. Scan up to a square foot (30 by 30 cm) per second and see high-contrast backscatter xray images of concealed threats — in vehicle fenders, doors, bumpers, exhaust manifolds, dashboards, seats and tires. Find improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in backpacks and similar threats in seconds, even in tight corners and next to the ground. This device can scan through different types of materials such as steel, aluminum, wood, rubber, as well as many other materials.



Easy To Use

  • Dual safety handles to initiate a scan with either hand
  • Ergonomic handles for scanning in any orientation
  • Transflective, Sunlight readable 720×1280-pixel color touchscreen LCD with Android operating system

Safe to Operate

  • Beam-on safety warning lights
  • Channel Active cooling for operation in temps up to 60°C

Sealed Housing

  • Dust and splash proof for use in the toughest operating conditions

Build for Speed & Performance

  • Optimized optics for fast scans with optimal image quality
  • Built-in camera, flashlight, and alignment lasers to show scan areas


Additional Attachment

Broadwing-LADTM accessory for the HBI120 series is a detachable, light-weight large-area detector that not only enhances vehicle inspection for drug interdiction, but also enables new missions.

Enhanced Drug Interdiction

  • Deeper imaging penetration
  • Standoff scanning for wider sweeps
  • New Mission Applications

Cargo / Trailers / Watercraft

  • Building Searches
  • Tactical Raids
  • Counter Surveillance / Intelligence

Scanned Images