Multi-Zone Walk-Through Detectors
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Metal Detection


Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detectors

HI-PE Multi Zone
HI-PE Multi Zone is the basic model in this series, and is characterised by being extremely easy to install and use, and by high levels of reliability and immunity to interference from external electromagnetic sources.

PMD2 Plus
The PDM2 Plus is a zonal Metal Detector characterised by excellent discrimination towards metal personal effects, even when set to high security levels. Thanks to its advanced technology, the PDM2 Plus is a Metal Detector which allows accurate pinpointing of weapons in transit and a high flow rate

PMD2 Plus Elliptic
This is a zonal model featuring modern, elegant lines, and can be inserted into the most prestigious surroundings with the minimum visual impact. Easy to assemble and transport, the PMD2 Plus Elliptic is also recommended for portable use in temporary or itinerant installations. The technology employed allows high discrimination to be achieved even at stringent security levels.

SMD600 Multi Zone
Its extremely high sensitivity and immunity to external interference make this model ideal for top-security applications, especially in penitentiaries and wherever detection of minimum-dimension metal masses is required.

The CEIA SMD601 is a Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector specifically designed to comply with all the Standards that establishes requirements of Sensitivity, Discrimination and Immunity for Law Enforcement and Correctional Facilities.
This is an extremely sensitive device for the detection of all the objects that could be considered a threat to officer and prisoner safety.

Single Zone Walk-Through Metal Detectors

The column construction, both attractive and compact, allows it to be inserted with ease into public environments such as, for example, schools and discotheques.
The Classic Metal Detector has an extremely competitive price/performance ratio.

Column model with reduced gateway height designed to be installed on cruise ships. It is particularly suited to applications on decks with limited headroom.

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