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CEM Systems is a leading provider of customized security management solutions including integrated access control, ID Badging, alarm monitoring, and people counting systems for over 15 years.

From design and manufacture through to maintenance and support, CEM provides a total solution to meet the unique needs of today's organizations. From a single door to a large multi-site facility with tens of thousands of users, CEM has a solution to meet your needs.

Specialize in:

  • Access Control
  • ID Badging
  • People Counting
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Building Systems Integration

Renowned for the ability to produce technologically advanced solutions, CEM is unique as it has come from a computer background, allowing us to develop a strong understanding of the IT issues and strategies that businesses have in place.

CEM Products 

CEM Validation Readers

CEM Validation readers are used to capture card numbers so that personnel can be associated with an ID card on the CEM AC2000 system. Part of the AC2000 personnel enrolment and card validation process, CEM validation readers quickly validate a personnel record with an ID card. Taking away the manual process of loading card numbers, CEM validation readers enable cards to be added to the AC2000 system in seconds. Validation readers are also used to validate cards on the AC2000 Vehicles and Visitors application. CEM has a range of validation readers that support all major card technologies, including HID 125 kHz Proximity, Mifare (CSN) and HID iClass card technologies.


  • CEM has an advanced validation reader range. Cards can be added to the AC2000 system in seconds
  • Support for all major card technologies
  • The S610s and S610f validation readers are available for use with 125 kHz Proximity, iClass or Mifare smart cards
  • Backlit Monochrome Graphics LCD display allows meaningful messages to be displayed – informing the user of card transaction outcomes
  • Keypad configuration allows device configuration and set up at the reader itself.
  • InfoProx validation readers are mounted on their own desk top base station, with power supply.
  • Allows a wide range of card formats to be used on the CEM AC2000 system


InfoProx™ IPO200/IPO210

The compact and discreet InfoProx™ card reader is designed for use as part of an integrated on-line access control system giving off-line card validation and intelligent decision-making at the point of entry, even when host communications are not available. The reader also stores transaction details to be transferred to the host computer when communications are restored.


  • Available in both 125 kHz proximity (IPO200) and MiFare smart card (IPO210) technology options
  • In-built database for off-line card validation
  • Three LED indicators to visually confirm or deny entry
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Backlit LCD display shows easy to understand messages for the user
  • Keypad for added PIN security
  • Supports Entry/Exit configuration for IN/OUT control
  • Interfaces directly with door furniture and lock power supply - no need for additional I/O units
  • 4 inputs to monitor alarms such as door held/forced conditions and secure side exit push button operation


sPass DESFire Smart card reader

The CEM sPass reader is a low cost, contactless smart card reader with powerful security and encryption features. The sPass reader utilises 3DES (Triple DES) encryption and highly secure DESFire technology. It is designed to be connected to the CEM DCM 350 encrypted two-door controller, with encrypted RS485 serial communications between the sPass reader and the controller. Combined as one solution, the sPass reader and DCM 350 controller range offers a cost effective solution which combats against the threats of card cloning and Wiegand controller signal cloning.


  • 3DES (Triple DES) card verification
  • Secure RS485 serial encrypted communications between sPass reader & DCM 350 controller range
  • 13.56 MHz smart card read frequency
  • Combats against card cloning & Wiegand signal controller cloning
  • Three onboard LED indicators to visually confirm/deny entry
  • Built in Tamper switch
  • Built in Sounder
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Compatible with CEM range of AC2000 security management systems

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