PSP Security is a leading developer of biometric security and intelligent video system and technology. We provide cost-effective solutions to governments, law enforcement, and businesses worldwide to enhance security, reduce identity theft and secure assets and intellectual properties.

Accuface Product Intro
PSP Security facial recognition system, is using infrared-based facial recognition technology. Our system provides an active light source (Infrared light) to illuminate the capturing object. Its advanced optical module can filter the ambient light and captures clear infrared image of a user. Hence, changing light conditions or object background has minimal impact to our captured image quality. As a result, our facial recognition system can operate accurately in a wide range of light conditions (complete darkness to semi-outdoor environment).


  • Face detection, face matching and authentication
  • Motion detection
  • Near infrared (NIR) image capturing and recognition
  • Extracts and creates imagery from video or live-stream
  • Ability to detect and alert user of issues (e.g: head size/position) that may affect user enrollment process
  • Robust checking algorithmn to ensure quality of user face prints
  • Supports 1:1 verification and 1:Many identification
  • High speed face detection, enrolment and verification. Ideal for large scale deployment and time-critical applications

Our facial recognition technology is robust against:

  • Pose (Tilt: +/- 15 deg., Roll: +/- 15 deg., Yaw: +/- 25 deg)
  • Changes in beard and hairstyle
  • Wearing glasses (provided that eyes are visible
  • In-door or out-door lighting conditions (except extreme conditions)
  • Photo hacking

Accuface Products

AccuFACE Facial Recognition System


  • Truly embedded - no external computer is needed
  • Infrared-based face recognition technology - operational in different light conditions including complete darkness
  • IP-Based – unique IP address for each AccuFACE terminal
  • Support up to 32000 registered users
  • Support 1:1 verification and 1:Many identification
  • Authentication time < 1 second
  • Easy integration to existing security system (card reader, keypad, door controller) via built-in interface
  • Capture picture of authorized user for record keeping
  • Compact form factor - 175(H) x 90(W) x 80 (D) mm
  • Energy efficient - 12W (operation), 3W (sleep mode)
  • FCC, CE and RoHS compliant

Central Management Software

  • Allows administrator to:
    • Monitor and control multiple AccuFACEs real-time
    • Register, edit or delete user and user privilege/scheduling
    • Easily transfer user data between server computer & AccuFACEs
  • Time & attendance management function

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