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TJ Group Message : 
TJ Group was established with a passion to provide the best possible and the widest range of electronic security systems.

We have the experience and proven track record in protecting lives and assets, namely physical, electronic, IT and information management for government agencies, businesses and homes.

All our products assure you of superior performance and unmatched value that can provide you with years of reliable operations as well as superior investment protection.

Since its establishment in 1996, we have since grown to a full fledged security system distributor and integrator, providing a full range of top-notch security system solutions and services.

TJ Group (S) Pte Ltd is  an affiliated company with The Commercial & Industrial Security Corporation Pte Ltd (CISCO) effective from April 2007.

This strategic collaboration is congruous with our long term business goals of expansion and growth as well as escalating TJ Group to yet a greater level and through consolidated strength, enables us to approach realm of globalization with full confidence.

We believe that our collaboration will create better product offerings to serve our customers.

TJ Group comprises of the following business entities : TJ Systems (S) Pte Ltd , TJ Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd. As well as  TJ Technology Pte Ltd 

Jimmy Leow - Managing Director of TJ Systems (S) Pte. Ltd. & TJ Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd.
In order to meet today's increasing demand for greater security. TJ System continue to expand its business presence and profile internationally.

In an effort to provide a comprehensive service network to all our valued customers, we have successfully established several regional bases in this region.

Our philosophy has always been to provide quality integrated security solutions that meet the needs of the user in a package that will withstand rugged use in extreme environment.

We are committed to providing a dependable solution for the protection of people and their assets.

Our success is predicated on our commitment to meeting our customers' needs. Together we can create a safer world.

Thomas Ting - Managing Director of TJ Technology Pte Ltd
It takes relentless effort, energy and time to carve TJ System into what we are today. Our success will not be possible without the support of employees, friends, suppliers, principles and customers.

The essence of our business philosophy is Customer Satisfaction. We strive to continuously improve the way we do things so that we can capture greater value not just for us but also for our customers and business partners.

We are committed to stay contemporary through creating learning opportunities, fostering personal initiative and encouraging entrepreneurship in our people. We are determined to realize the levels of profitability for the financial well-being of the company and its employees.

I always believe a healthy organization improves the lives of its individuals. Through a good mix of hard work, dedication and purposeful play, TJ has recorded memorable projects in Asia Pacific. We aspire to make our presence bigger and stronger.

Dreams cannot be realized unless you believe in it. TJ System will be a leading company the world recognize and acknowledge with dignity and integrity. This is our belief.

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