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Under Vehicle Inspection System


Under-Vehicle Inspection System provides the perfect solution for automatically identifying concealed threats in the undercarriage of any vehicle entering or exiting a secured compound.

The system occupies multiple high-speed, high-resolution cameras that generate a super-crisp 3D image of the vehicle’s undercarriage in less than 3 seconds. Using advanced patent-pending image-processing algorithms, the system scans the images to identify concealed weapons and other contraband. With a built-in LPR camera, the system automatically reads the license plate number of the vehicle and stores all its information in a secure database for later inquiry. Our customers include governmental compounds (such as embassies) and military bases as well as private premises worldwide.

Reveal hidden threats with 3D View 

Looking from just one angle is not enough, as objects may be concealed behind a plate. 3D-View shows you everything from multiple angles so that nothing gets unnoticed.


Stationary Under Vehicle Inspection system blends seamlessly with the landscape, forming a natural look with no discomfort for the driver.

  • Shallow mount installation avoids interference with existing infrastructures and simplifies the installation process.
  • Stainless steel body withstands extremely harsh soil environments.


A mobile Under-Vehicle Inspection System will be the the best if you need a quick solution on the go! It can be for temporary site locations such as open air music event. 

  • Lightweight
  • Full-featured